UK Investor’s Shopping List – Houses in Multiple Occupancy

As investment ad visors and brokers, we get these questions from our clients: Is investing in a House in Multiple Occupation a safe option? What should I think over before I invest in a House in Multiple Occupation? Let me answer this one by one… If you look into the overall property market in UK,

Find Advantage in Low Commercial Mortgage Interest

Attention small business owners, start ups and business heads! Do you know that commercial interest rates in UK are hovering at one of the lowest levels in decades? For those seeking commercial mortgage, it’s time to utilize it for your advantage and growth. This post explains the benefits of availing commercial mortgage. So, what is

Need Quick Funds for Your Business? Try Bridge Financing

“Wish there was a quick way to raise money for the short term!” How many times as a business owner have you said that to yourself? Well, it’s not the best of economic climates in UK, and for many other economies it stays the same. Many business owners in UK are working more hours and

Should you Lock-In Your Interest Rate?

A recent article in The Telegraph, titled “Mortgage costs ‘un affordable’ when rates rise” foresees a hike in interest rates. If it increases as predicted, it will be imperative for borrowers to shield themselves. One way to create insulation is opting for Locking–In the interest. So, what’s Lock-In! Lock-in is also known as rate-lock or rate

Is it Time to “Buy-to-Let”, My Friends?

Let me get straight to the answer. YES! The ideal time for buy-to-let is right now. Many customers who come to me to invest in property are very keen to know about the present and future scopes of going for a buy-to-let investment in the UK market. So let me address this basic question boggling

Solar Power for Commercial & Residential Sites

The British government has committed to turn and equip commercial properties and residential sites as small Solar Energy Hubs. The solar strategy was announced by Energy Minister Greg Barker on 4th April at the SunSolarEnergy meet in Birmingham. In spite of its novelty in Europe, the strategy is felt to be positive for the economy.

England’s “Most Helpful” Mortgage Lending Scheme

Just like its name suggests, the “Help to Buy” scheme has been aiding many home buyers to acquire a house or flat with minimum deposit through cheaper mortgages. The UK government had introduced Help to Buy and similar schemes in order to bring the housing market back in action. It was announced by Chancellor George

Funding for Lending Schemes Revamped to Re-focus on Businesses

The government of UK has made amendments in FLS (Funding for Lending Schemes) to bring about progress in the country’s emerging businesses. The revisions are put into action from 1st February 2014, marking the commencement of the second phase of FLS. It was launched in July 2012 to initiate and expand lending practices for overcoming

UK’s Housing Market in 2013 & a Short Forecast for 2014

On priority, we need to comprehend something critical. The country may have seemed to be recovering from its economic downfall of 2007-08 with the strongest and consistent GDP growth in 2013, but on the whole, its economy is yet to be revamped. Many industries have contributed for the better. Such developments came from real estate

Prospering UK Economy – 2013 Witnesses a Consistent Recovery Post Recession

Among developed countries, UK’s economy has witnessed faster growth since 2007. After the huge dip in 2008-09, 2013 saw a consistent pattern of growth in all four quarters. With compromising yester years (2008-12), it was an accomplishment for the Government to find a foothold with this economic recovery. The credit is given to long-term schemes,

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