July 13, 2017

Business loans

Business Loan A loan taken out for business purposes can be used for almost any business need or requirement

Empire Commercial Finance will work with you to select the arrangement that best suits your needs and your cash flow position.
Benefits of a Business Loan:

  • Variable or fixed rate?
  • Fixed rate gives you the peace of mind only available with a fixed monthly repayment plan

Variable rate is usually linked to the Bank's base rate and can go up or down
(although, at the moment, we are in a prolonged period of very low rates)
A range of repayment holiday options - take a payment holiday at the start or even during your loan to boost cash flow

  • Choice of repayment styles - choose capital and interest, capital only or interest only
  • Choice of repayment frequencies - make your loan repayments monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly - you choose!
  • Staged drawdown - save on interest costs and benefit from lower initial payments by only taking the money when you need it to work for you
  • Make lump sum repayments - use surplus cash and reduce interest costs

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