July 13, 2017

Commercial Finance Brokers

Empire Commercial Finance has established itself as one of the finest finance houses in the UK. Our team of commercial finance brokers delivers to every small and big commercial mortgage and banking need. The rising numbers of entrepreneurs and investment ventures have their finances met out with the right deals on our table.

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgages can be availed for acquiring or re-mortgaging properties for business or investment purposes.

The whole process of getting a commercial loan can backfire if you don't make the right choices. And that is when Empire Commercial Finance makes mortgaging easy for you.

Our role is to ensure that you sign an appropriate deal, which is capable of fulfilling your business requirements.

Commercial Mortgage

Interest charges, agreed at the outset, can be variable or fixed depending on circumstances - you choose!

Loan interest is payable monthly, quarterly or even rolled up until sale proceeds can redeem the loan - you choose!

We'll package up the deal, making it an easy and straightforward process for you to follow - you choose!

Our Role as Consultants & Advisors

You have to confront a flood of questions once you decide to invest in real estate. The face of your business is completely altered or the future of your investment is at stake when you choose a property.

We work as your partners and help you assess your financial competency to sync it with your objectives of procuring the property.

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