July 13, 2017

Finance for Dental Practices

The competitive arena of dentistry faces the challenge of fast-paced progresses in its technology as well as services. But you can be one step ahead of the competition, and stand out from the rest. Investing on the perfect site and acquiring the right funding solution is the balance that prospers your career in dentistry. Owning a clinic has intertwined advantages of proximity, location and visibility. Unlike losing out on rents or leases your space for practice today is an asset for tomorrow.

Why Should You Approach Empire Commercial Finance?

Empire Commercial Finance has a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge and infinite experience in the healthcare sector. Our professionals understand the intricacies and requirements of the industry. From assisting you with the complexities of real estate market to integrating financial management, Empire Commercial Finance stands by you in every step of your growth. You seek us with problems and requisites and our consultants are ready with solutions.

Who can Avail Mortgages for Dental Practices?

Dentists listed under the General Dental Council (GDC) and professionals practicing dentistry all across England are eligible to avail commercial finance for dental profession.

Special Features and Benefits

Low-interest Rates Provision of 100% Capital Cost Procuring Funding for Lending Schemes Quick and Easy Mortgage Interest-only Schemes Fixed or Variable Rates Discount Rates We know the importance of owning a commercial space and the time constraints that are an indelible part of your profession. Our skilled consultants and well-established networks from the High Street Banks to Specialist Lenders will have all your concerns covered.

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