July 13, 2017

Mortgage for Solicitors

Funding for law firms is tricky business. Lenders are always finicky about the cash inflow. The right funding solutions for solicitors come from financers who are particularly aware of and have experience in the legal industry.

How We Can Help You?

Empire Commercial Finance specializes at arranging commercial mortgage for solicitors. Our consultants and advisors are backed by long-term industry experience and well-acquainted with underwriters and niche lenders of the domain. We are also familiar with special commercial mortgages that are designed only to fit the needs of solicitors. Empire Commercial Finance has a databank of Local Banks, High Street Lenders, Private Financers and Angel Investors who are solely into funding for commercial properties.

Your Needs

If you desire to expand the current business space, start a new law firm, or purchase a property for your law firm, then Empire Commercial Finance is the perfect consultant for you. We are equipped with the best deals and have the competence of converting them into real stories. Our unparalleled networking covers all of England and assures you a positive feedback. Empire Commercial Finance has a team of agents who are experts in analysing economic requirements and integrating financial management.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Commercial Mortgage
  • Benefits of Fixed, Variable and Discounted Rates
  • Interest-only Rates
  • Discount Interest Rates
  • Secured or Unsecured Finance
  • Customized Loans for Solicitors

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